A spicy amber, sensual and comforting

A tribute to the island of spices : black and pink pepper, vanilla and cloves

TOP - Premium extracts of black and pink peppers from Madagascar for the spiciness

HEART - Vanilla bourbon concrete infusion from Madagascar to bring comfort

BASE - Cedarwood, patchouli and guaiac woods to give a unisex character to a long-lasting Vanilla Planifolia from Madagascar

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Grande Ile is the name of Madagascar, the biggest Island of the Indian Ocean, a world by itself.  The most premium qualities of spices from Madagascar have been combined together in this rich perfume. 

It is a tribute to Madagascar, a celebration of its fantastic biodiversity, and a vibrant homage to the vanilla harvesters from the Sava.


Ingredients from plants growing in Madagascar : infusion of vanilla planifolia concrete, superfluid extracts of pink pepper and black pepper, clove leaf essential oil.

Other key ingredients : essential oils of guaiacwood, cedarwood and patchouli

Organic certified alcohol from French wheat 

Total natural origin content : 90%


Born and raised in Germany, Frank Voelkl has always been captivated by scents, developing a keen olfactory sense from an early age.

A passionate and talented perfumer, Frank has dedicated his career to creating fragrances that evoke emotion and happiness. His love of nature, travel and exploration is reflected in his work, and his commitment to designing fragrances that resonate with the soul sets him apart.

Frank's olfactory creations are enjoyed by many, including the much-loved Santal 33 by Le Labo and Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker. He has also created fragrances for renowned brands such as Guerlain (Precious Heart), Dolce&Gabbana (Velvet Amber Sun), Hugo Boss (Hugo Now) and Marc Jacobs (Daisy Delight), among others.


No additives (no colors, UV filters, stabilizers).

The color of the fragrance comes from natural ingredients and may evolve over time.

Best consumed 36 months after opening.

Our fragrances are free from these controversial substances : parabens, phthalates, added BHT and BHA, polycyclic musks, nitromusks, formaldehydes, nitrates, toluene, lyrial, lilial.

INCI list : molecules present in ingredients with a potential for allergens:  COUMARIN, LINALOOL, LIMONENE, BENZYL SALICYLATE, EUGENOL, HYDROXYCITRONELLAL, FARNESOL, CITRAL, GERANIOL

Vegan.  Not tested on animals.

Alcohol vol : 75.6%


Components sourced in Switzerland, France, Italy & Belgium.

Fragrances made in France.

Final product shipped from France with a minimal packaging and minimal weight. 

Carbon footprint of the fragrance concentrate: 31 grams

Carbon footprint of the bottle:  88 grams

Our projects at origin contribute to reducing our residual footprint.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lombre Danlo

Cette vanille vous captive tout de suite tant elle est chaleureuse sans être lourde ; on se sent enveloppé d'un voile de chaleur en la sentant, avec son écrin boisé, épicé et même un peu fumé qui la réchauffe encore. Je sens moi aussi comme une note de rhum qui se développe peu à peu, bien que la pyramide n'indique rien de tel. Les épices, les bois et ce rhum fantôme contribuent à faire de cette belle vanille un unisexe gourmand à mes yeux (ou à mon nez, plutôt) : un parfum masculin et sexy sur un homme et sexy et plein de caractère sur une femme...

Emilie McDermott
Un veritable coup de coeur

Une vanille épicée qui réchauffe, et enveloppe mais sans jamais être écoeurante. Le parfum évolue doucement, et fini par laisser derrière lui une touche chaude et ambrée comme après une journée passée sous le soleil.

Amanda Simovich

L'ouverture et les premiers moments du parfum sont autour d'une vanille épicée et boisée. Puis sur la peau au bout d'1h cette vanille devient poudrée, sensuelle sans sucrosité aucune. D'une richesse et beauté incroyable ! Sur un homme il doit être encore plus merveilleux que sur une femme !


"Moi je l'ai bien aimé ce ""Grande Île"". Il évolue joliment sur ma peau, libérant de vigoureuses et robustes épices.
Paradoxalement, j'y décèle un Cacao exotique, des bois brûlés (Palissandre, Santal), Cardamome et Muscade giroflée, Genévrier aromatique, Cannelle, Rhum, Benjoin et Ambre. Il est brûlant, crémeux et sec à la fois, et particulièrement invasif. Après 45 minutes, je le trouve d'avantage rond et puissant. Il est très adapté au second semestre et à la période de Noël si vous aimez les traditions hivernales."

Elisa Pratiffi

Ho trovato il mio profumo. Meraviglioso.


In Madagascar, we partner with the Mahadera school.

Mahadera is a vocational school for the youth, aiming at professionalization of farming in the Sava, the region of vanilla cultivation. Students learn to grow 60 food and cash crops, across 25 hectares around the school.

Our project supports graduated students to follow their entrepreneurial projects. We provide individual grants for them to make investments in their family farm, and to implement practices they have learned at the Mahadera school, with a focus on revenue diversification, agroforestry and multi cropping.

Malagasy farmers are in need to find resilient practices to face a drier climate and the inherent challenges to vanilla farming in Madagascar.

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